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   Tao Interactive Workshop
A High Voltage Communication Workshop
This High Voltage Communication Workshop generates practical communication skills to integrate with family,
          work place & intimate relationships

Workshop Overview:
                    This active workshop engages  profound experience, not concepts with applications. The playful communication skills works with ancient Taoist principles as 'A Way" into today's modern world. Effective negotiation occurs when we give up Western ambitions so to invite a whole new language for listening.  Using ancient Far Eastern principles in conjunction with various body positions, this class combines lecture with light physical gestures to ascertain fresh listening and dialogue skills.

Workshop Detail Description
                    The body, mind and spirit are truly inseparable.  Yet, it is our physical body that roots us towards communicating the spatial relationship with each other. Even when we displace our energies, our body is always the easiest to follow and navigate. As this alignment occurs, it awakens our spiritual with our heart energies.

                    This learning of communication becomes explored through models with our body's juxtaposition and movement.  Movement is the medium to observe action. In our relationships of friends, family or co-workers. We learn to balance through deflect, distance, gravitation, coupling, and blending of each other's motion. As we invite a still observance of our dynamic energies, we will begin experiencing a spiritual accord of harmony with others. When aligning our body language, we become true instruments of conversation.

                    Eastern metaphors stream with each physical and verbal exercise, transcending the experiences of Tao. Using light gestures of Ki-Aikido and Tai Chi in conjunction with group work, dialogue, contemplation, and meditation allows further soul integration. One's heightened awareness ignites through movement and verbal expression, as Chi itself blends wholly. Spontaneity will lift hearts as the freedom carries our self-expression. Definitely a fun, intense and exhilarating moment of sustaining the inseparable language of body, mind and spirit flow.
FEES: RSVP-based on location and days
TIME: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
LOCATION:  Contact us for location with reservation
QUALIFICATIONS: Anyone willing to explore fresh ways of seeing themselves.
REQUIREMENTS: Wear comfortable clothing and bring playful insights.
SURPRISES: There are no surprises nor will anyone be violated in the workshop, it is designed to honor and empower. However metaphorically, the exercise will arrive in sequences that create an element of surprise

                        Similar events also offered "Tao Study Group", based from book "Tao Art of Flow"

Testimonials from Students: The space you created is quite beautiful.  I really enjoyed being with people. I felt so at home with the group, with you, & in the environment you created. That sweet, quiet stillness.  I felt perfect balance & harmony & ease.  The exercise was about united & moving perfectly together as one. I am so grateful for whatever you are sending me. I know it is exactly what I want & need in my life.  "The simple gestures and exercises used in this class gave me fresh incite into the challenges I face at work (how to work with next to impossible people) and at the same time I left feeling like I spent the day at a spa.  It was that enlivening & relaxing. With love & blessings B.J., Educator for Challenged Children

Want to thank you for the wonderful experience in your Tao Motion class. I had an opportunity to really participate, exchange and feel the energy. Now I know what all the talk is about and the concept that I have carried around inside is a reality for me now. I hope you can share this with more people because I believe it does greatly enhance and move forward our spiritual growth. Also because of the lasting effects of the energy work there are other residual and subtle benefits at work, some of which I am continuing to feel this week. Again a sincere thanks for opening this door for me. P.T. County Social Worker.

�John, Thanks for your guidance helping us make contact with each other and our self.  It was a pleasure to experience and explore with the group. Regards S.J. Business Owner

Bio: John Salat has nearly 30 years of practice through the exploration with mind/body integration.
This creation offers an action pack borrowed from various A.T.M. (Known as Awareness Through Movement). Such new fields of ATM innovations studied by John were Semantics, Feldenkrais Method, Tai Chi, Qigong, Alexander methods and continuum. More bio Info                            
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