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   The Ultimate Tai Chi~Qigong Experience
Where soft meets hard through movement expression

ntaneous Tai Chi ~ Qigong Class Outline                              (Experiencing the Wu-Wei)
This ancient art from the east offers literally a moving experience through motion in meditation. The disciplines are choreographed from forms that provide a steady stream of Chi cultivation, enhancing health, agility with simultaneous awareness. The surprising results produce relaxation, enjoyment and most importantly a connection to feel vitality of life.

Without demands, this workshop engages in light physical motion of combining Tai Chi and Qigong. Using eastern choreograph expressions, the class utilizes both formal and informal language of Tai Chi/Qigong, but in a spontaneous form. The purpose involves real time experience by guided instructions so students can feel the reverent "CHI".

A key principle is our oneness of wu-wei, or "non-doing/less doing."  It is the action of both spontaneous and effortless.  The Tao principle refers our alignment to which the way life energy flows as an occurring phenomenon and part to natures responsiveness. The free flow energy sensations are released through active states of feeling Chi. This language can only transpire when movements themselves are transitioned continually without breaking the energy stream. This experience roots us through our own body as an perfect vehicle to truly feel moments come alive.

Tai Chi and Qigong are traditionally structured with choreograph.  Once we learn the formality of dance disciplines using both passive and dynamic movements do we begin setting ourselves free again.  The Chinese recognizes spontaneous Qigong and Tai Chi as very advanced forms.  The composition of these movements is the ultimate form of forms. In fact Tai Chi translates this art as  "Grand Ultimate Exercise".  It's where a higher level takes root as we let it move us in free spirit. We become nourished by it because it has us as we surf it out through forms of expressions. We let the energies teach us the direction to flow again. It guides us as you pay deserving attention to it. We come home to our soul by exercising these disciplines and making it work for us as quality immeasurable to any science.

Chi's works not from non-separation because if you disconnect then you're not part of actual life force. While in continuity of flow, the body eventually goes into an immortal engine that transcends the physical world to unite with the universe.  Movement instills this life force just as the song of life plays itself out, our bodies become the actual instruments that intone transformation.

Tai Chi ~ Qigong Compare:
Many are asking the difference between Qigong to T'ai Chi as here's a brief overview of their main differences:

Without getting into the historical accuracy, too much time has pass; assumed both are thousands years old. The chronology likely started as a sitting meditation that evolved into walking meditation (Qigong) and lastly into moving T'ai Chi. Tai Chi transform into a choreograph of slow moving short forms of 32 into as much as 120 long forms pending on styles practice over time where Qigong has 1 or more transitional forms.

Originally monks looked at sitting meditation being still but when they meditate they notice that nature moves such as animals, wind through trees and blades of grass, etc,.. so they start a coordinating stillness into movement series that offered more unification to their natural surrounding experience. That means that Qigong is more of a static as a possible 1 standing meditation (single stance) with to 6 maximum forms called "brocades" (basket weaving of body energy) while Tai Chi is more dynamic to long forms of dance like moves of what I call the dance of life energy into a fluid moving meditation that if were speeding up could appear as a martial art.

T'ai Chi and Qigong are both great ancient Chinese traditions that relieve stress and increase energy of "Chi" or "Qi" which is interchangeably words for the same force of nature. Both emphasize softness, internal energy development, spiritual cultivation and good health. Qigong shorten moves are often adapted repeated forms while at same time focused on breathing into simplicity of quieter awareness. In T'ai Chi, somewhat more complex the continuum flowing connection have transitional forms of one step into the other that bridges mindful attention while enlivening all 5 senses or awareness.

The balance of timing/energy to Tai Chi is that its dynamics are sometimes rigorous. If not a broken into shorter moments, then using Qigong somewhere between the sets offers greater benefits. I found over the years of teaching that both are a good match in one entire lesson to break up the session that gets the most overall benefit.

John is a 35 year seasoned Tai Chi instructor offering clients an embodiment of true tranquil connection. An awarded book author, John is recognized through his public appearances (magazines, radio and TV) where his unique art hybrids natural life energy with physics to body mechanics so to influence powerfully ones state of true being.

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Bio: John Salat has nearly 30 years of practice through the exploration with mind/body integration.
This creation offers an action pack borrowed from various A.T.M. (Known as Awareness Through Movement). Such new fields of ATM innovations studied by John were Semantics, Feldenkrais Method (c) Tai Chi, Qigong, Alexander Methods and continuum. More bio <link>Info                             
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