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The Integrity  with Reiki
A poetic viewpoint of Reiki. "The very life force that created us is the life force that will also cure any past disease. Yet, as soon as we use the word "fix" or "heal" with our vocabulary do we break the connection with our very virtue. We cannot fix or change what already carries virtue. The same force that created us is the same force that keeps us living in the making so the music of "healing" is just another constant glow in life. By simply keeping spirit relaxed does the eternal flow stay clear for ones health." John A. Salat; Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki is trusted for over a hundreds years  

Energy medicine is the oldest and most trusted form for personal treatment today. The natural experiences received are passive and subtle in nature, resulting to a gentle freeing of energy flow.  Since energy practice is pleasantly experiential, one can discover their own available energy flow elevated from every level.

Because Reiki means guided life force, The Reiki energy naturally accelerates the body's natural healing ability. It's guided through giving what you need without anything more or less.  Reiki practitioner needs not to push or promote the energy because every person stands complete on his or her own force. Everything eventually finds its natural course that evolves within a collective intelligence of flow.

The ancient energy approach is unlike treatments of physical massage, medicine, or counseling because there is no physical contact, mind confrontation or drug consumption. Reiki is natural, non judgmental and non-intrusive as no diagnosis, medicines, aids or devices are required. Reiki works on the physical body as a intelligent energy so the goal in any healing is to achieve balance. A Reiki treatment helps restore your energy therefore is an aid for mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Reiki through it's natural intelligence can gentle stir some emotions. Although deep emotions and experiences may be released during sessions, it is never anything that one is not ready for or able to cope with.  There is a great sense of safely when one is in the Reiki relaxed-state as all emotions slide and glide freely.

Over time, many testimonials have result Reiki as a safe and effective practice. Reiki subtle energy powerfully goes to the deeper levels of a persons being including a variety of illnesses that sought to have origin. It works wherever the recipient needs it most, releasing blocked energies and gently works to create a state of balance. It comes through us (not necessary from the teacher), so no harm can come.  Reiki builds up an effective and positive energy for the client and practitioner so no cause with implications will occur between practitioner or the receiver regardless of illness or symptoms.

Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical therapies or treatments so clients are encouraged to continue with their medical care attention suggested by their provider. Also, Reiki is not beneficial to any person who is suffering from a coma or also dealing with major life-threatening illness that could block their cognitive levels to simply experience its energies. Reiki is designed as a form of relaxation and not a cure all. Although Reiki helps maintained the body in an open relaxed state, it makes great preventative medicine to complement with other health treatments.

Reiki practitioners should be careful using the words "heal" or "treatment" in their vocabulary. It could leave false impressions and misguide someone who really should seek traditional medical attention.  Yet, for those who life's are already healthy, the philosophy relating to preventative medicine may speak another language.

Since a relaxed spirit is the most prized spirit, these classes offer a supportive atmosphere for individuals to feel safe.  Should any students have concerns about Reiki, feel free to keep conversations flowing so to create maximum benefit during and after classes

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