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  Orange County Reiki Center  
April 2020

N e w s l e t t e r  (C a l e n d e r)
Greetings as hope this message finds you well

A Time to Cultivate Optimism

Health and Vitality is a way of what we are “living into” and who we are "being". Its not always "how" we "do it" as responsibility, rather the context of what we hold into our existence.

Setting our eye-sights with optimism not only feel right and healthy, it offers a sense of self with gifted moments. Inviting a positive stream flow into our life welcomes the world of embracing all is inherently good. Trusting all will work out for everyone shall benefit your own health and great sense of well-being. In fact, cultivating optimism actually transform your health according to data with science.
Whenever you take charge, you become ownership of what you generate as a true author of living moments. Soon appearances to what you cultivate prospers and follows you through as new richly dimensions.
Enjoy your trusted creation of thought stream, one day at a time.

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Temporary Modified Event Programs
Ongoing Tai Chi/ Qigong: Available everyday at Lake Forest Park as one-on-one sessions only at 6 distances - No groups available at this time until we pass the lift of the corona-virus period. Fees discounted at $10 per session during the Corona virus season (prices subject to change week-by-week).  

1-hr Life Coaching Sessions Available:

Reiki Level #1, #2 Degree
classes available temporary on-line with distance attunements along with electronic material- contact us for details as this offer is just during the corona-virus period.

Contact via email or call (949)235-4847 to register.   Reiki Info

Healing Treatment: Sessions ongoing with distance attunements (one-on-one closed during the corona-virus period). For additional Reiki information please contact us or visit Reiki Info

Free video exercises while at home
Qigong At the Beach: YouTube #1 
Seaweed in Water Motion  YouTube #2
Time to Laugh YouTube #3
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