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  Orange County Reiki Center  
March 2021

 N e w s l e t t e r  (C a l e n d e r)
  Greetings & Hello To All

Owning an experience of living into a sense through well being cultivates through you. We know who we are inside, yet we can still alienate ourselves outside. Other researchers looked into the overflow info age we contend to. We see uncertainty about the future going widespread where normal routines and plans have been disrupted. The effects of the countermeasures with individuals have greater time to themselves, in isolation. This time alone and with the Internet in hand becomes a handful. YouTube fuels many that are vulnerable as it functions by recommendation of algorithm as the software determines which videos appear on users’ home pages and inside the “Up Next” sidebar that adds 70 percent of all time spent on the sites. “YouTube has been able to fly under the radar because until recently, no one thought of it as a place where sensationalism perpetuate and arise.  Knowing that with all those distinctions set aside, lets refocus to the source of single mindedness. So not too wrapped up in the all the fuss and noise out there, you know your internal dream and life design to follow anyways. With uncertainty "The best way to predict the future is to create it". Weather teaming with God, or having true friends that can be a dampening the effects, soon we can calm the nerves. Lets create together a sense of ease and place for the mind, heart and soul to reside and not let media rob you.

Temporary Modified Event Programs (Corona Virus period)
Ongoing Tai Chi/ Qigong: Available everyday at Lake Forest Park is one-on-one sessions- Groups are also available during the corona-virus period as just bring mask with 6 feet apart distance. Current group locations at Lake Forest and Modjeska Canyon are available as feel free to contact us for other locations if wanting to start groups- more details at Tai Chi/Qigong ongoing events.  

1-hr Life Coaching Sessions Available:

Reiki Level #1, #2 & Masters Degree
classes available temporary on-line from the comforts of your home using distance attunements along with electronic material- contact us for details as this offer is just during the corona-virus period.

Healing Treatment: Sessions ongoing with distance attunements from the comfort of your home (one-on-one closed during the corona-virus period). For additional Reiki information please contact us or visit Reiki Info

Contact via email or call (949)235-4847 to register for upcoming events.

Free video exercises while at home
Qigong At the Beach: YouTube #1 
Seaweed in Water Motion  YouTube #2
Time to Laugh YouTube #3
This page becomes dated very quickly-Need an update now? View it in your browser
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