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  Orange County Reiki Center  
April 2021

 N e w s l e t t e r  (C a l e n d e r)
   Greetings & Hello To All

Free Tai Chi with Free Chai Tea as a one time event on April17th, Saturday 9:00am at Modjeska Park. This particular day celebrates our 200th class for this location through County Parks & Rec. If your new to the moving meditation exercises, its is a perfect opportunity to enjoy 1 free hour Tai Chi/Qigong in the relaxed rural portions of Orange County. The address is 28891 Modjeska Canyon Rd, Silverado, CA 92676-9647 adjacent to the Modjeska Fire station building (Please RSVP). If you cant make this date of 17th, the event(s) still occurs every week at $12 per class. (Bring comfortable clothes for outdoor weather and a mask to wear) <<MAP>>

Temporary Modified Event Programs (Corona Virus period)
Ongoing Tai Chi/ Qigong: Available everyday at Lake Forest Park is one-on-one sessions- Groups are also available during the corona-virus period as just bring mask with 6 feet apart distance. Current group locations at Lake Forest and Modjeska Canyon are available as feel free to contact us for other locations if wanting to start groups- more details at Tai Chi/Qigong ongoing events.  

1-hr Life Coaching Sessions Available:

Reiki 1 & 2 classes scheduled back in again
on site this month of April 19th level one and April 20th for level two from 9am to 1 pm both days in Lake Forest.
Reiki Level #1, #2 & Masters Degree
classes available temporary on-line from the comforts of your home using distance attunements along with electronic material- contact us for details as this offer is just during the corona-virus period.

Healing Treatment: Sessions ongoing with distance attunements from the comfort of your home (one-on-one closed during the corona-virus period). For additional Reiki information please contact us or visit Reiki Info

Contact via email or call (949)235-4847 to register for upcoming events.

Free video exercises while at home
Qigong At the Beach: YouTube #1 
Seaweed in Water Motion  YouTube #2
Time to Laugh YouTube #3
This page becomes dated very quickly-Need an update now? View it in your browser
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