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Personal Transformational Coaching
Life Coaching for the Soul
Gift yourself to the grandest level of owning integrated peace

  • Finally a new personal coaching experience to kick start your natural instincts. 
  • Powerfully open a steady stream of self-confidence that bridges your success.
  • Vaporize stress and eradicate health drama for declaring your energetic performance to an efficient healthy lifestyle.
  • Springboard your personal developments by tuning to your true life purpose from authentic ease.
  • Help fulfill your life by enjoying real/natural success without the strain or effort.
  • Money, career & success coaching that clearly targets your primary values, interests and choices from clear direction rather than conflict.
  • Transparently create new understanding for yourself and others most enjoyably.

   Sessions are available by phone or in person. Charging of fees begins with the start of sessions. Minimum priced session are available at 60 minutes for $75.00     Also with PAYPAL Options

All our sessions are completely private and confidential, offering results through a warm supportive setting. Unlike westernize methods, John works deeper from the subtle energy connection with his clients that rises encouragement to utilizing one's own core strengths. Through real-time intervention, John allows transparent experiences to unveil through this seamless connection which offers the highest cohesive support for causing powerful results.  These techniques may have been used for thousands of years, as John uses "Paradigm Awakening" to interrupt the trance of complaints we hold to ourselves that will release our nature of primal sources which truly anchors our inner peace. Once identified, the world which we make as suffering is re-framed and released being free from our being hostage.

John Salat is Member of "Impact"
International Organization for Professional
, Coaches and Trainers

Certification: As an ordained minister & Certified Transformational Leader, John uses a holistic approach to healing the mind, emotions, body & spirit as one. From Non-dual (non-separation), we embody of embracing our intrinsic nature that holds this great spirit of influenced transformation.  Through these intuitive methods, John will guide people to resolve life issues, fears, & emotional blocks into pro-activation of success.  This experience leads to greater inner peace, unconditional love, joy, and self-esteem of satisfaction which result to a new balance with everyday life moment experiences. For detailed  Bio 
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E-mail contact  Ph 949-235-4847

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