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  "The very life force that created us is the life force that will also cure any past disease.

Yet, as soon as we use the word "fix" or "heal" with our vocabulary do we break the connection with our very virtue. We cannot fix or change what already carries virtue. The same force that created us is the same force that keeps us living in the making so the music of "healing" is just another constant glow in life. By simply keeping spirit relaxed does the eternal flow stay clear for ones health.  "Quote from John Salat".

Tai Chi or other Moving Meditation Disclaimer
Exercise is not without its risks and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury in your case, consult your doctor before beginning this exercise program. The instructor and advice presented in programs are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. The instructor disclaims any liability from and in connection with physical programs. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and consult a physician.  We can not be held responsible for any injuries which may occur as a result of exercise programs.

Students are encourage to follow their own abilities to honor their limitations without compelling need to follow the instructors every move. Instead, students are asked to make adjustments, modify, and rest for responsible in there comfort and well being. Some great tips to avoiding injury is to avoid comparing yourself with other students/teachers or feel you must meet expectations other than what is design for you at that moment. During exercise, listen to your own body for potentially developing new pain and honor the history of limitations you encounter from the past as directed by your physician or therapist. It is our intention to create a fun and relaxed state while facilitating the programs so injury is less likely to occur. If the exercise do not bring these experience lightly in place, we encourage breaks or removing yourself from the programs temporary before returning. Restoration, intention and attitude draws fresh ways into being which will benefit most for students who continue with the exercises.

Reiki Disclaimer
Reiki, as for most holistic practices is recognized and used throughout the world for many years.  Yet Reiki is not an specific recognized practiced in California State as Licensed industry. In this case, certification occurs through private teaching(s). Many jurisdictions vary State to State and are semi updated through visiting site

State Status Link for additional information.
National Status Link for additional information.

In creating a safe and enjoyable sessions, practitioners shall abide with confidentiality so to provide empowering and supportive environment. A safe environment includes a brief description of what happens before, during and after a session. Touching is not necessary in Reiki because energy itself is self-absorbent and penetrates through the fully clothed. Students are encouraged to communicate concerns to what arises, before during and after sessions to benefit fully the programs offered.  Also, Reiki practitioners shall disclose a background and education to experiences of services provided., see link of John Salat's Bio

The word use "HEAL or HEALING" in this web site refer to the greek meaning "To Bring Whole". This is a return to the essence that mends and restores with our being rather interpreting as something broken or attempting a making as a fix all while in treatments.  Healing is an internal personal experience as a gift between others. Yet healing still starts from within because its always starts on the energetic level (spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or psychological) as one source so to complete as one source.

It is not possible to know the outcome of any course or treatment as their are no guarantee for cures.  You are responsible for accepting and/or receiving your own experience, as your results is created and held by your entire divine & unique being at mental, spirituality, emotional, physical integrated levels. Students should continue following directions from their licensed health care provider. Diagnostics or prescriptions will never be administered through our practitioner(s). Since Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical therapies or treatments, it is totally safe and fully complementary.  Reiki may not be beneficial to any person who is suffering from a coma or also dealing with major life-threatening illness that could block their cognitive levels to simply experience its energies. Reiki is designed as a form for relaxation and benchmark for health, not a cure-all.  Although Reiki helps maintained the body in an open relaxed state, it makes great to preventative medicine while complementing other health treatments. These programs are designed not to compete with medical doctors and their treatments rather it is a complementary piece of both mainstream medicine and alternative natural health.

In the mainstream medicine, it would be fraud and deceit for doctors to tell a patient that they cured him/her by only addressing the physical body. The American medical associations knows the truth that no external medicine substance (or person) can heal or cure so they are forbidden to use the word "cure" themselves. They know their chemical pharmaceutical drugs cannot heal or cure by this definition for their drugs and treatments, as wisely refrain from using it and rightly so. The truth is no drug or pill or treatment can cure or heal any person or disease because disease is multidimensional occurring on many integrated levels, e.g. emotional, mental, and spiritual as NO PILL or DRUG can cure, heal, or balance a person's emotions, mentality or mental state, and/or spirit/soul. Disease is caused by many factors including: degenerative diet, lifestyle, negative thinking, imbalanced emotions, bad attitude, environment, misdirected energy of imbalance, and the collective consciousness of the overall environment.

Because healing is a collective multidimensional effort, its deeper than just our physical body. We get to adhere with the invisible and subtle energy body too for creating healthy balance. You can never heal or cure the physical body without addressing the invisible or subtle body first.  Ideal, the human body (holistically levels) can give you what you need to heal on your own. Holistic healing knowledge of this natural wisdom offers the primary tools to accelerate healing to access the greatest opportunities to health transformation.

General Disclaimer: It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health-care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have for all classes offered through this organization. These methods facilitated should  be used in conjunction with other methods of diagnosis and treatment. Students should never depend on one program to replace standard diagnosis or treatment. REIKI is a natural "hands-on" method of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction and relaxation and not a substitute for other medical services. 
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