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    Qi-Gong (Chi Kung)
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Qi-gong (or Ch'i kung) is Chinese forms combining standing, sitting and moving meditation. Qi means "Moving life-force of energy," while Gong means "skill of breath".  This marriage art of gathering and circulating energy immerses with "Ch´" to further regulate and balance the body's internal energy.

Standing forms are most typified in Qigong, yet there are also many physical forms and styles of Qigong that it could vary with lots of movement (Dynamic) or no movement (Static) positions.  Compare to Tai Chi, It offers more subtle and quieter styles to motion. Although Qigong does have some dynamics attributes, most forms transition with holding stance positions to find stillness rather the doingness from a synchronized choreograph.

 Both spirit and body are inseparable, thus trained Qi-gong is internally integrated. It uses soft movement and stances coupled with controlled breath. These variations of Chinese systems offer physical and mental training to reach meditative states of improving our Medical, Martial and Spiritual. The technique of skill with breath work is the major conduit in linking the energy awareness to promote the circulation of Chi within the human body. Free 8 minute video sample

Style Used:

Through John Salat's 30 year educational experience, he practices from a variety of systems with students. Most of the class focuses with Medical self-healing styles for health preventives, maintenance and longevity. Being healthy through body and mind is integrating our well-being to unify man with nature. All qi-gong systems can be composed of one or more types of training, aiming to nourish, cultivate, balance and increase our awareness of qi cultivation.

Emphases with "breath energy," will follow strongly this attention. Proper utilization with cycling inhalations and exhalations is the key while merging our mind with the movement using the breath. In addition, John Salat will may combined Sound Resonation, breath control, and thought intention to orchestrate movement all at once to maximize results creating energy dynamics.  

With those in chronic pain, John Salat will sometimes work independently with students using Qi 2 point healing touch systems to further regulate and balance his client's Yin and Yang energy, bringing it back into harmony or he may lightly skim to dredge any external channel of Qi that will further released the internal channels themselves which serve as pathways for Qi transference during his classes.

Results or Experiences to Expect:
These disciplines aid with fresh thoughts and released emotions. The practice relax the individual's and to become receptive and improve one's moral character.  Students will often notice strengthening in there bodily resistance to achieve better overall tolerance.  With the increase of circulation of Qi to blood, experiences will vary with sensations of warmth, fullness, tingling and even some magnetic feelings. These common sensations associated with a gathering of qi are unique for every person. But more importantly it is noticing your experiences of gaining a new fresh confidence.  Through being conscious, the increase Flow of Qi through the meridians will unlock these energetic blockages that untie as knots, thus allowing subtle energy/awareness to once again flow and unfold freely. Results with Qigong benefits are the same as Tai Chi, but suites more from the variety of ages than the required balance and strength if Tai Chi. Using more visual with talk-through guidance in class, the qi-gong exercises coordinate breath with attention for directing and activating the body's life-force energy. 

Bio: John Salat has nearly 30 years of practice through the exploration with mind/body integration.
This creations offers an action pack borrowed from various A.T.M. (Known as Awareness Through Movement). Such new fields of ATM innovations studied by John were Semantics, Feldenkrais Method,Tai Chi, Qigong, Alexander methods and continuum. More bio Info
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