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   Reiki Advance Level
Taking Reiki to New Levels
  Graduate 3rd degree Reiki or proof of completion to Masters Program from a certified teacher.

Expanding into International Style Reiki (Also known as Universal Reiki)

As a continued education, this workshop is ideal for Reiki practitioners and Reiki teachers or those who graduated from traditional 3rd degree Reiki level and like a power booster to previous training. This class offers a deeper spiritual experience of enriching chi flow from present mainstream Reiki practice as it increases Chi consciousness. Utilizing alternative Reiki themes, additional practices and methods are blended to further heighten the healing experience of the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels beyond the traditional Usui system. 

The program will not only restore the traditional Reiki quality, this advance program augments the inherent healing qualities. Reiki is also ever changing and is celebrated as a consciousness evolving on its own. This class explores these very elements to becoming alive and borne momentously to generate "Chi".  Students will dive deep into utilizing richer skills to teach and is encouraged to reach multi-dimensionally of exploring fresh instinctive leadership. As results students will earth spontaneity along with accountability to transform themselves and others.

While working with Shamanistic energies, students will further douse into the energy called "Ki" , the part in Rei-Ki and develop a deeper sensitivity to this energy awakening of all things from this unique energy form.  The class is directed to utilizing the practice of "Ki" energy to increases the capacity as one builds one's practice in REIKI. The benefit to attending this course is to tap what is freely available and allowing it to continuously creates itself onto one's own life. Expanding with eastern Shamanic techniques, one will explore with imagination, visualization, body stance and expressive eastern themes to inspire limitless Chi. The Tao based medium will borrow from Chigong as it will guide Chi that focus energy to integrate Reiki applications.  In addition, these methods direct energy into metaphoric visions that can fuse REIKI symbols for usage. The class utilizes both hands-on and visual techniques inspired by ancient Calligraphy. Like Zen artist's who use paint on canvas to provide the medium of flow for energy trails, so do the ancient characters.  Sensitivity and intuition will be enhanced through meditation with Reiki's artful expressions of imaging calligraphic symbols.

During the initiation, you will receive 28 new symbols laid through within 3 separate sets not yet received from traditional Reiki initiation levels. The powerful experiences of receiving these high pack of symbols will enliven Chi conciseness during the course of the day. These new attunements will be of sampled International style symbols blend to "Karuna Reiki", Quan-Yin, Sekem-Sechim that cross over Ancient Eastern, Tibetan, and Egyptian based forms.  These particular international modalities will be received experientially through attunement process, yet not all of these methods will be necessarily disclosed during this mini-series.

Lastly, you will receive the REIKI Master/Teacher's Advance Certificate, most importantly, have an unforgettable experience to connecting to these powerful energies.

Testimonial From This Advance Course
I received the Reiki Master energy attunment from John Salat.  Shortly thereafter, I participated in a mini-workshop he did on Reiki Advance. What I learned in the Advance class was the "missing link" in my ability to heal myself at the capacity I had been striving for. I incorporate the techniques he taught me into my daily life and feel more peace, serenity, and in touch with the healing energies of the Universe. Blessings of love, light, & miracles, R.T; Reiki Master; Healer and Published Inspirational Book Writer

Orange County Reiki Center
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