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Produced & Written by "John A. Salat
Award Winning
Meditation Book:

Tao, The Mastery Of Flow

 An Inspirational Journey through Intimate Wisdom
    Meditative Reading: By Author By John Salat
  Self Help, Zen Prose, Eastern Philosophy, Spiritual Psychology
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Meditation CD Music::
Echoes Of The Heart

    Meditative Listening: By Musician By John Salat
    Relaxing Healing Music CD: Most played album;
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Meditation DVD:
Tai Chi Moving Meditation

    Meditative Moving:
By Instructor
By John Salat

    Instructional DVD for Tai Chi
Kuang Ping Style
    DVD covers all 64 forms in detail including  names, sequence
    and visual instructions as taught in our class

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Contemporary Electronic Instrumental, World Sounds for Relaxation NAC Programming
"Echoes of the Heart" is an inventive contemporary instrumental recording of electronic world music.
The Relaxing yet sophisticated sounds stirs the imagination for listeners thereby blending in any environment of work, home or travels in the car.southern California holistic events . Ceremonies, inspiration, relaxation music, contemplation music., books and DVD