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  Needleless Acupuncture Treatment
Personal one-on-one Healing Touch Session

Needleless Acupuncture Method 
  Needleless acupuncture is Bio-energy medicine that produces the same results as traditional Acupuncture / Acupressure treatment without the physical evasiveness. You will still get the same results and even more than other Chinese medicine methods as it still increases the body's energies to free from pain of bones, joints, muscles or any other organ of cellular blockage.

Our needleless acupuncture is a non-evasive method without needles,  electric machines, finger pressure or other us of medical tools. We instead practice on a innovative yet rare ancient and lost method that works from a light touch of a finger tip that becomes the only contact to the client.
This breakthroughs (one-of-a-kind method) is really not offered elsewhere and is coined "Primal Source Healing' (P.S.H.), see demonstration sampled on our YouTube site .

This soft yet direct contact engages more intuitive connection and therefore yields the most results and less evasive pain from all other methods because it has no manipulation thus offers the most subtle connection to the life force healing.  

Our Needleless acupuncture treatment usually is set up of either 30 minutes, 60 minutes session
, done fully clothed. It happens by the transferring from the practitioner's light finger tip of energy "QI" that rest gently to a spot of the body where needed . Additional healing energy is supplemented from all sides of the body as well so the treatment can work to a specific spot and/or blend globally to enter the entire body. Paired together with these treatment creates unbelievable and powerful results.  
Treatment cost is same as Reiki fees
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What to expect while arriving: Appointments are flexible and can be scheduled to fit your specific needs. Multiple sessions are usually spread apart from a day or to a week, yet there is no over dosage or under dosage as the body takes in what needs and releases at its own rate. Not everyone is the same as we do not encourage or discourage repeated sessions. 
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