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 O.C.  Zen Meditation Hike  (Mindful Awareness Outdoors)
Awaken your soul in the wild (Witnessing Nature)
Hiking Meditation Led by John Salat

in silence with a trek inside nature. Allow the outdoors be carried with fresh mindfulness as you lift your spirits to reaching a destination sanctuary. Offering Zen themes "Zen walk, Zen standing and Zen sitting positions" effortless adventure you'll never forget.

The Activity: Walk in Zen silence as you stroll-glide to the Zen meditation spot to the natural trails of south Orange County. We'll remain silent in our footsteps while mindfully witnessing through our own heart and senses. Meditation instruction will be provided during the hiking stroll while ending in Qigong standing and sitting positions to complete the morning.

Observe nature, aware of your breath and heartbeat, notice what listening opens while witnessing our environment in this full spectrum. Witness the air, hills, trees, and rocks along with what the the weather brings in.
While we remain softly silent with our senses wide open, we will observe the wildlife, aware of our heartbeat, movement and breath into a practice of witness awareness through all five senses.

During the
90 minutes, you can stretch your mind and body on this beautiful hike. Transitions of movement continuously follows meditative experience of a spatial warm-up trek following a final stop, staged under an tree for siting Qigong.  Walking meditation mindfully helps you stay connected rather dissociates yourself from your body for having an easy, relaxed and safe way to bond with your ending siting experience. (No talking towards destinations as the return hike allows plenty time for free causal conversations and fun social affairs).

Zen Pro Prescription:
a vacation from your pains, concerns and worries. Imagine a place where healing body-mind-soul evolves around the outdoors. Owning intuitively your movement, enjoy the gift of calming your presence with the beautiful surroundings. Clear your mind and access your intuition to claim you�re spacious awareness as being "in-tuned" to the outdoors. Find your organic pace and natural metronome as you are in discovery spiritually. Listen to your body guiding you in the path it needs to go. No punishing work or stress, just innocent awareness movement taking you innately through a nature walk in a path of self-discovery. "Experience moving your inner energy to create the most powerful and positive feeling for being spiritually alive", After the 5 senses relaxed wide open, experience the new senses of self aware of witnessing itself into an Zen brilliant moment.

Why Natural Outdoors:
Our feet and ankles are not made to hygienically walk on level surfaces or concrete. Walking ideally follows on a natural, uneven surface. A park, forest or beach is perfect.  In this place and time when there is natural quiet settings, away from urban sounds, we do not need to push out noise of machines and chop out the kinesthetical experience and instead we get to invite ourselves newly inside the outside appearing world.

When: Classes rotate monthly; RSVP Time/Day for exact morning times
Where: Serrano Creek park, Lake Forest:  Map Info
park on Serrano Rd and park at street at the most easterly side and walk down to meet at sidewalk next to children's playground.
To enjoy the moment, bring optional items such as sunscreen, hat, and water. Wear comfortable clothing for current outdoor climate
$15.00 per person
  Reservations Required: RSVP email and pay on site upon arrival.

Bio: John Salat has nearly 30 years of practice through the exploration with mind/body integration.
This creation offers an action pack borrowed from various A.T.M. (Known as Awareness Through Movement). Such new fields of ATM innovations studied by John were Semantics, Feldenkrais Method �, Tai Chi, Qigong,  and continuum -More bio Info                            
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