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  Awakening Body Awareness  ( Functional Integration )
Personal one-on-one Healing Sessions 

Alexander Method (r), ATM Integration 
We traditionally think of body relaxercise as class or individual participation, but what if someone does the exercise work for you while you relax passively with the body/mind in ease of your natural states; Like taking a vacation from-it-all in a private and quiet setting, t
he practitioner works while patient lies idle, passively on a massage table using a series of soft roles and micro motions. One is able to aid and reflect authentically throughout the entire body, including the ties of emotions and mind, but without any direct participation while we do the work for you in your observation.

his effortless method treats focused areas of pain and release stiffness in motion as well as any suffering from chronic issues
most freely. By simply attuning from posture, tension awareness Ques and from a deeper listening of attuning to our real natural impulse. Eventually returning to your true nature, this happens from
self witnessing of imbalances as the silent dialog emerges to measure their self own correction.

The conjunction of "Functional Integration" methods is body mechanics mostly borrowed from Relaxercise
, Feldenkrais (c) technique, Alexander Method and ATM (Awareness Through movement). These venues allows authentic communication from body nervous system to all remaining physical body functions. This embodyment articulates through the use of minute motion (random soft subtle moves) as a language to connecting deeply through oneď's own inner mannerisms of idiosyncratic awareness.
This work all arrives from kinesthetics. K
inesthetics simply allows the interior world from the exteroceptive senses such as muscle, bone, organs, and other cells awareness become integrate so the remaining senses can balance transparently what can innocently arise from a cellular memory level such as emotions and feelings. This friendly way of surfacing these mufti-dimensional connections is the integration of experiential cognition as the applications begin to runs intuitively to newly measure results. Knowing how to stop using unnecessary levels of muscular and mental tension from our everyday activities is the ongoing educational process of itself and of course is the keys to this work.

Somatics defines this work which is the relation of language integration of body-mind that directly taps within as an experience so that one may connect knowing pleasure or pain as honest transparent signifiers. Proprioception plays as a major component too as the juxtaposition of our awareness of our minds eye of  joint/muscle/bone/neoro impulses can all relate to positions of our known senses (JPS). This physical body rout is the awakening door of  ones awareness so that health from all levels regain newly pure. The result of the treatment promotes general well-being by increasing ones awareness, thus heightening themselves to release pain, tensions and other chronic issues that may have been long occurring for sometimes way-back years.

One can newly sensed mind/body refine awakening simply by this relaxed and easy one-hour treatment. By offering a pleasant awareness to our inner connection, it embraces the organic comfort to the real pleasure to occur inside. Without demands, you will naturally notice your body clarity to response inside your ease of motor skills, mind and emotional freedom as you reorganize the pattern behaviors to acclaim freshness with he senses.   

Treatment Fee are same as Reiki sessions
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