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Reiki Healing Classes & Individual Sessions

Tao Intensive Study
Book Study Group based from book "Tao, Art of Flow"
Reiki Advance Course 
Reiki Advance Course-Augmenting Chi
Meditation Series
Keeping Experiences Alive Endlessly
Tai Chi/Qigong Arts 
.Variety of Soft Healing Movement Forms

Space Clear/Feng Shui 
Intuitive Styles of Chiflow

Life Coach Sessions
Personal Transformational Spiritual Coaching Session
Gift Certificates
Buy a gift for friends to any event or personal appointments

Bio and Profile
Facilitator Biography & Background  "John Salat"
Codes & Ethics in Holistic Practice

Associations, Books, Music & More
Testimonies from Classes & Events
Current Newsletter for Events
Calender / dates posting site

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